A Bird Without A Story

Original Title:

Un oiseau sans histoire










ISBN: 978-2-35558-214-1

32 pages

14 x 19 - 12,90€

A Bird Without a StoryA Bird Without a StoryA Bird Without a Story


Driven away from a beautiful story, a bird finds itself alone in the snow. What to do? Search for food, make noise and slides, and find someone to tell all this to. But is it really important to have a story? Do all the falling snowflakes have one? Moreover, when you listen to them, all you hear is silence. And how beautiful is the silence that is listened to with this bird without a story…


Spirit of the Book.

With great economy of means, a true sense of situation, and a lot of humor, Catherine Louis addresses here, with simplicity and accuracy, the very young. A bit of torn paper, paint, pastel, and a whole world emerges. It’s vast, she frames it; it’s full of unknowns, she organizes the search; it’s noisy with questions, she sets up the silence… gently. A joy to read to reassure the little ones and, perhaps, lead them to sleep when the time comes.


Illustration technique: Torn and cut paper, painted, pastel


Key words: awakening, snow, bird, silence, fear of loneliness 


Publication: February 2024

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