A Snowball in Spring

Original Title:

Une boule de neige au printemps


L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-71-5

40 pages

21,5 x 27,5 - 16€

A Snowball in SpringA Snowball in SpringA Snowball in Spring

When Miel discovers a bunny in his neighbor Myrtille’s garden, he’s captivated. It’s as white as snow, soft as cotton, and lively as a little bird. The poor animal has a wounded paw. So, the children decide to nurse it back to health and take care of it. But is a wild rabbit meant to live in the company of humans?


Key words: rabbit, city, nature, adoption, friendship


Strong points:

-Without a moralizing dimension, the book invites children to be responsible and to treat nature and the animals around them well: quickly after finding the rabbit, the characters understand that they must give it back its freedom.

-Virginie Bergeret’s tangy illustrations, made with felt-tip pens and colored pencils, are full of candor and softness: also, the designer pays particular attention to the aesthetic aspect of the rabbit, in order to emphasize that it is a being alive and not a stuffed toy.

-The landscapes of the story are varied, it takes place in a setting that is both very urban and yet dotted with green spaces as more and more large cities are.


Publication: February 2024

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