Alexandre Fleming, bacterial traffic

Original Title:

Alexander Fleming, trafic de bactéries


Le Pommier








ISBN: 978-2-7465-1761-5

234 pages

13.5x20 cm - 13€

74651761 fleming 300x300

Who is after Alexandre Fleming’s research? An investigation in central London in the summer of 1928, and a major discovery in the history of medicine: penicillin.

July of 1928, the streets of London are deserted, it’s hot outside and the affluent families have all left on vacation. Two 9 year olds, neighbors of the Fleming family, are approached by a strange man posing as the partner of Doctor Fleming, who has also left on vacation for the summer. For unclear reasons, he asks them to get the key to the lab and obtain some very important documents. Things are getting out of hand, they have to warn Fleming! The beginning to a summer with plenty of twists and turns and major scientific discoveries that will lead to medical advancements and the discovery of penicillin.


simplified Chinese language rights sold

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