All about the universe

Original Title:

Tout savoir sur l’univers


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 979-10-358-2387-0

96 pages

16.5 x 22.8 cm - 9,95€


All about the universe

by Natacha Scheidhauer

A complete workbook to discover all the secrets of the Universe!
All about the universe is a general knowledge book designed to arouse children’s curiosity by taking them on a discovery of galaxies, planets, our solar system and the means used to explore it.

Each chapter is structured in 5 steps : 1. A large image to observe ;

2. A short documentary text to discover the different stars ;
3. A portrait of a scientist or explorer ;
4. Games and fun activities to help you remember the essentials ;
5. A focus that sheds additional light on the concept covered.
At the end of each part, a scientific experiment or a creative workshop to be carried out step by step is proposed to children to make them active in their learning and give them a taste for science.
In addition : a poster and stickers !


Represented worldwide except China

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