An apple a day. World proverbs in the mirror

Original Title:

Una mela al giorno. Proverbi e modi di dire dal mondo










ISBN: 978-88-94811-87-2

144 pages

15 x 19 cm - 19,90€

An apple a dayAn apple a dayAn apple a day


A small anthology to discover proverbs and their reflections in different languages

A book for all those in love with languages and popular culture, for the curious and for all those who live in a country other than their own and wish to feel a little more at home, entering better into the meanders of a second language. Beautifully illustrated by Daniele Simonelli, the proverbs of four languages are mirrored here: Italian, English, French and Spanish. First of all, it is interesting and surprising to note that some concepts need to be expressed everywhere, without distinction of territory or language, and therefore they are not exclusive to their own specific culture but are, in fact, common. And, of course, even more intriguing is to discover how these expressions cross with their counterparts: cases of perfect identity in the 4 languages (as in the case of An apple a day keeps the doctor away) are alternated with those in which the same idea is given with four different metaphors (as in the case of It’s raining cats and dogs) or even with other hybrids in which some languages use the same image while others don’t.



Key selling points:

-key selling points

-4 languages among the most spoken: IT – EN – FR – ES

-stunning illustrations

-large overview on popular cultures

-over 25 cases: guide/glossary use

-specific context and use explanation for each proverb


Rights sold: German language

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