Ardi, the Elephant Hunter

Original Title:

Ardi, chasseur d’éléphants


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-20-4

40 pages

18 х 24 cm - 13,50€

Ardi chasseur d_elephantsArdi chasseur d_elephantsArdi chasseur d_elephants


Ardi is an elephant hunter. Thanks to him, there are none in his village. And moreover, there never has been any, which is proof that he does his job properly!

No elephant? In the whole village? So, if that’s true, whose ears are those that come out of the houses? And why do the watering cans seem to move by themselves? One day or another, we will have to tell Ardi the truth: his village is full of elephants!

And that day he will be able to count on Violette to open his eyes and show him that elephants are neither evil nor monstrous. And that you can make friends by looking a little further than the end of one’s trunk… uh… nose!


Arabic language rights sold

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