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Life is calm and peaceful for Vera and her younger brother Kolya. It is full of games, laughter and books but just one thing is missing: they are both dreaming of a pet. Luckily, their mother is fond of this idea too, but where to find a kitten when you badly need one?

Maybe to write a letter to Santa Claus or shop at a special cat supermarket? When their mother suggests to start with a breeder website, they discover the world of majestic and noble Siamese cats. Their names look like the ones of royal family members: queen Esterházy, Giambattista the Great, Romuald Blue Eyes…

But suddenly kids’ attention is drawn to an announcement: “A couple of purebred cats gave birth to a defected kitten that does not meet high standards of the breed and who will not get name and pedigree. The kitten can be picked up for free”. The enclosed picture showed a tiny white blue-eyed kitten with a pink nose. The word «defected» immediately made the children’s eyes fill with tears while their mother suddenly got up: “Let’s go kids!”

An infinitely tender story about acceptance and differences that raise universal questions, even if in the animal world it can sound like «Can I be loved if my nose is pink instead of dark brown?»



Russian language rights sold

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Hi, this is Lily! She is always on the run. Lily is already 4 years old, she is so big! Or small? It depends on the point of view. It is the same for the entire world – it can look big or small, depending on how you look at it and all the surrounding objects. This is what Lily will learn in this book – comparaisons! What is big and what it small? What is huge and what is tiny? What signs do we use to compare numbers and objects? Mathematics is fun, and together with her older sister Kathrin and their mother, Lily will learn something new about it!

Russian language rights sold (volumes 1-3)


In a small house on the edge of the woods, a mother suffers: her cub feels cramped. He is a fox. She lets him go. When they see each other, she tells him that she used to be a fox too. One day, he returns: he is hungry, cold, in need of comfort; she welcomes him. He grows and transforms. A mother, she knows that he will leave again. In the meantime, tenderly, patiently, she listens to her son tell her about his future adventures.


Publication date – October/November 2021




In this little book composed of black and white engravings (contrast guaranteed for babies), each double-page spread features the silhouette of an animal, its baby, the noise they make and a short accompanying sentence.
A whole world unfolds for the little reader: chickens, cats, cows… A small parade of noises and silhouettes. As for Colette, when she finally appears, while we expect her like the others with her pair and her own language, she is alone, running forward and cries out a loud «Miaou» towards a surprised kitten.

Second book to be published in April 2022 in the same format and on the same theme of the discovery of the world through noise.

Publication date – August 2021




Two giants walk each one on a side of the world which they make turn to the rhythm of their step. They walk tirelessly, each with his own destiny, each with his own character. They never see each other. When one is here, the other is over there.

Everyone knows it. It’s always like that. But what would happen if one of them had the idea to turn around?

This text, to which Martin Jarrie’s paintings give a cosmogonic dimension, was written by Régis Lejonc 20 years ago. Today, this powerful allegory on the functionning of the world, brutally thwarted, is of an incredible contemporaneity with regard to the global upheaval that the COVID crisis is causing universally. The author, by imagining an open ending, invites reflection, which is more necessary than ever.


Publication date – October 2021



Autumn 2019. After years of travelling the world, Nicolas Jolivot decides, in an incredible anticipation of confinement, to stay at home for a year with the project of travelling in his garden. A 200 year old living garden.

Just 200 years old! That is the age of Nicolas Jolivot’s family garden. His “garden” is his own, he says, only because of “the sum of the moments when he finds himself there”. On the occasion of this anniversary, it is through the medium of time that the author traces the portrait of this piece of land and all that inhabits it, living or memories. 

Going back to 1821, to the origins of a singular garden and to the farthest reaches of a family memory, the author traces the major stages in the history of the place to the present day. At the same time, he unfolds a year of life and activities of nature in this garden. He takes the reader as close as possible to what happens on the ground or from the sky, along a tree or in the pond, under his footsteps as a traveller in the garden or under his gardening tool.


Publication – October 2021


Korean and Italian language rights sold



How long we’ve been waiting for this Christmas! The whole rabbit family is finally together in the big house under the snow. But that night, two naughty rabbits went to bed with one idea in mind: to get up first. To get up first and notify warn else…

Publication – November 2021


Two little squirrels make an extraordinary discovery: a giant hazelnut! Could it be magic? Grandfather explains to them that it is a chestnut and hastens to hide it to eat it this winter. When the day comes, Grandfather has forgotten his hiding place. A great treasure hunt follows to find it. In vain.

It is only several years later that the little squirrels, now adults, will remember this lost magic nut and their wonderful day spent with Grandfather trying to find it.


Publication date – Octobre 2021


Kilian receives a gift of tickets to the zoo. In front of the lions’ enclosure, his gaze plunges into that of a lion cub. Immediately, a strong bond develops between them, giving birth to a silent friendship. The young feline slips into the boy’s dreams, and he returns again and again to the zoo to show his friend the images in an encyclopedia lent to him by his teacher. Lions, photographs of Africa, wide open spaces… “Look, this is your home! The cub does not know these landscapes, but he dreams of traveling through them…
This relationship intrigues the adults; a relationship is created, until the day when, torn between joy and sadness, Kilian promises his friend that he will soon be able to run like crazy.
In this story, Kilian, by simply opening the eyes of the adults thanks to his friendship with the lion cub, accomplishes what everyone would like to do for the animals locked up in too small spaces: offer them a little more horizon.


Russian language rights sold

Publication date – November 2021

Odysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friend

A dog named Odysseus lives in a dog shelter and dreams of finding an owner and a friend. One dark night, Odysseus runs away from the shelter, setting off on a long journey full of adventure. What surprises will he encounter along the way and will he manage to find a new family that would adopt him?

Author and illustrator Lena Repetur was inspired by her own dog who made an incredible journey to find his home.



In 2020, the illustrations from Odysseus’ Quest for a Friend were selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.
The book also won the Image of the Book contest the same year and has been previously shortlisted for the exhibition of the International Festival of Book Illustration and Visual Literature “Морс” (Berrywaterfest).
In 2021, Odysseus was selected as one of the best children’s books of the year by the International Non-fiction Book Fair in Moscow.

In June 2021, Odysseus was selected for 100 Outstanding Picture Books by dPictus. 


all rights available except Russian



Steppes are scattered all over the world. The steppe is always different. In winter, it frosts and the sun shines brightly. In spring, tulips bloom and birds sing. In summer, the wind smells thyme and wormwood; grasshoppers and chicks chirp in the dense grass. In the fall, the steppe is filled with the chatter of departing birds and bustle of little animals, which are getting ready for the long winter.

There is always life here, in any season! After all, the steppe biome is the native and only home for many animals and plants. Open this book and step into the wonderful and ancient world. Take a journey through time and space – across the steppes, prairies, and pampas.


Publication – fall 2021


Knowing how to take care of yourself is essential to have a lot of energy and a healthy brain. It is also the best way to be in a good position to learn effectively and grow up in complete serenity.

This comprehensive book covers all aspects of good health: a balanced diet, regular physical activity, restful sleep, good hygiene, the importance of play and imagination, respect for oneself, one’s body and others.


He proposes a method in 3 main steps:

1 Scientific insights to understand the functioning of the body and the brain;

2 Various exercises and workshops to do alone or with the family;

3 Tests and practical advice.


Throughout the booklet, children will discover how to take care of their body and learn how to adopt the right reflexes thanks to the different activities proposed.



Greek language rights sold


35 amazing animals to tell children about animal intelligence.

Intelligence is not reserved to human beings. Tricks, adaptability, communication, mutual aid… Animals also have incredible abilities! Let’s go and meet the octopus that recycles coconuts into a shelter, the ants rescuers, the dolphins that craft a nose protection… A fascinating, funny and richly illustrated documentary!

Publication – October 2021



Emma, the globetrotting sparrow, is back in a giant treasure hunt in London!

Oh no! Amélie Moineau, Emma’s cousin in London, has disappeared! Emma is called to help by her friend Edouard. An investigation worthy of Sherlock Holmes begins in the streets of the chic English capital. In which mythical place will they find the key to the mystery?

Publication – October 2021


A story full of fantasy to learn to play down conflicts.

Suzanne can’t sleep. The fault of Big Billy the cowboy and Geronimama the Indian who never stop arguing! Fortunately, the liAle girl does not lack ideas to calm them down. A text which approaches in a subtle way the delicate topic of the dispute by playing it down.


A delightful story about solidarity and friendship.

When a nut falls on the little rooster’s head, he runs to the farmer’s wife for treatment, who asks him for three dog bristles in exchange. Then little rooster runs to the dog, who asks him for a bun. A series of amusing quests follows, highlighting the virtues of mutual aid.


The Nutcracker (E.T.A. Hoffmann)
The Elves and the Shoemaker (Grimm brothers)
Why are conifers always green? (based on a Scandinavian tale)
The Night Before Christmas (Clement Clarke Moore)
The Little Match Girl (Hans-Christian Andersen)
Rikiki (based on a Canadian tale)
The Legend of Saint Nicholas (based on a German tale)
Christmas carols
Christmas recipes


Publication – November 2021



The destiny of a rebellious little black girl who became a symbol in the fight against racial discrimination.

Rosa grew up in the South of the United States, at a time when racial segregation was very strong. Through her diary, we follow her life path, but also that of her indignation: from her awareness of the injustices experienced by black people in her country, to her commitment in the fight for their rights. Or how a simple seamstress became “the mother of the civil rights movement”.


simplified Chinese language rights sold


The moving destiny of Armand, a Jewish child who lived hidden during the war, and who became a great mathematician.

1939. Armand is 7 years old and lives in Paris with his parents, Poles who have chosen exile to escape the persecutions that begin to rage against the Jews. When war was declared, his father joined the army without hesitation. Then began long years of wandering and survival for young Armand: the exodus, the deportation of his father, the escape to the free zone, the Marcel network, an organization that hides Jewish children and that will save him… We follow this chaotic childhood with emotion, until the return of happy days.

Different languages have very precise words for complex feelings. Each country is like a person with its own character. By putting such words together, you can draw a portrait, describe the whole country with the mix of the unique feelings.
Surely, some of these words and feelings will sound familiar. But others might surprise you and help to notice special moments in the future, such as how sunlight shines through the leaves. And maybe this feeling and word will become yours. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you call it, the main thing is that you mention it and feel.

The book is suitable for both children and adults who wish to learn more about the specific words describing feelings in different languages.


Publisher – Mile Books

World English, Spanish (US non-booktrade only), Korean and Turkish language rights sold



The Wind_coverThe WindThe Wind

What does the average child know about wind? Probably, not much. What is wind? What are the different types of wind? Which way does the wind blow? Why do hurricanes need names? How does the wind affect birds, animals, and plants? You will find answers to all these questions and many other interesting facts about wind in this brightly illustrated book for children ages six to ten. The book was written in collaboration with a meteorologist of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

The book contains facts from geography, history, biology and other fields of science. The main character in this book is the wind, but there are others as well: an old man and his granddaughter to whom he tells about the wind. Their journey can be traced through the pages of the book, or you can make up your own story.

The illustrations for The Wind were shortlisted for the BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition in Beijing, China and were honored with an award at the International Illustration and Book Design Competition — Image of the Book in Moscow, Russia. The Wind was published in Russia in 2020 by Rech. Complete rough English translation available.


All Asian language rights represented by Rightol Agency

Simplified Chinese, complex Chinese and Turkish language rights sold, all other rights available (except Russian)

German and English language rights under option


wonderful toyswonderful toyswonderful toys

Everyone knows that toys in a toy store come to life when no one sees them. Only the most attentive visitors may notice a little gray puppy painting a portrait of a saleswoman, Pink Wolf sneaking into the children’s clothing department, or a Plush Hippo peeking at children eating ice cream. Sergey Sedov collected and recorded 16 of the stories from this secret life of one children’s store, where some really great toys live. They make friends, travel, dream and most importantly wait for a child to make him happy.


Illustrations from The Life of Wonderful Toys are among the winners of the 2021 Illustrators Exhibition organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

English sample available


Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese language rights sold

sport that changes us coversport that changes us coversport that changes us cover

This modern encyclopedia containing 24 chapters will tell you about the most spectacular and new Olympic kinds of sports. Why doesn’t a track bike have brakes? Who invented surfing? How old is skateboarding? How much faster are clap skates? Is it possible to win an Olympics medal at the age of 60? The encyclopedia is written by a trio of sports journalists and contains vivid illustrations, short articles about the history of sports, anecdotes about athletes and short comic strips with practical advice to kids that can be easily followed. For this purpose, we invented two characters – a boy and a girl of the same age as the reader. They try to follow the advice of the authors and, of course, laugh a lot and make fun of each other. Sports means people, and we will tell different stories about them: the stories of hard training, challenges and triumphs.

authors: Timur Ganeyev, Alexander Polivanov, Pavel Kopachev

illustrators: by Alisa Yufa, Alexandra Khalbayeva, Anna Belova




Publisher – Bookcase Publishing

all other rights available (except Russian)

Final PDF files – April 2021