Monsieur ChatMonsieur ChatMonsieur Chat

Do you know Mr Cat? The youngest of a family of beautiful angoras, he was nothing special. Until the day when he met a young mouse and became a prince of the night, a king of the ball. But was it really what he wanted to be?


Publication – June 2021

Lily learn to countLily learn to countLily learn to count


Hi, this is Lily ! There she is, running! Just her hair flashed and disappeared. Can you spot her? Under the table? Behind the closet? She’s just there, standing and laughing! In this new series of picture books, meet Lily, a quirky and curious 4-year-old-girl. With the help of her parents, her elder sister Kathrin and all the ordinary and extraordinary objects she comes across every day, Lily will explore the surrounding world as a true little scientist. In this first book, Lily will learn how to count 1 to 10. This new series will show a child that (s)he shouldn’t be scared of counting: it’s not about complicated formulas and higher mathematics, but it’s a way to discover the world. The parents can help their children overcome the fear and be curious about mathematics. It’s very important to play math, playing is one of the easiest ways of learning. This series is exactly about playing with mathematics and numbers that are hidden in the simplest everyday objects, if you look carefully enough.


Topics of next volumes: Comparisons; Geometry and Figures

unpublished project: all rights available

Odysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friend

A dog called Odysseus lives in a dog shelter and dreams of a master and a friend. One dark night, Odysseus escapes and sets off for a long adventure. What are surprises life has in stock for Odysseus and will he manage to find a soulmate?

Author and illustrator Lena Repetur was inspired by her own dog who made an incredible journey to find his home.


In 2020, illustrations from Odysseus’ quest for a friend were among the winners of the Illustrators Exhibition by Bologna Children’s Book Fair. The book also won Image of the book contest in the same year and was top-listed by Berrywaterfest (festival of book illustration and visual literature). In 2021, Odysseus was in the selection of the best children’s books by Non-Fiction book fair in Moscow.


all rights available except Russian


Through a unique and a very personal story of the author and her dog Jo who made it to her new family after living in a street as a puppy and then in a foster home, the author invites us to the exciting world of man’s best friends. The book has two parts. The personal story pages with bright and vibrant gouache illustrations alternate with black and white informative pages where young dog lovers (but also adults!) will find plenty of fascinating information about dog breeds, dogs’ habits, historical and zoological facts but most importantly it will teach a kid how to take care of his pet. The book hides nothing of a big responsibility that we take adopting a dog, it tackles tricky questions and possible problems in a way that is accessible to children. It’s also full of love and tenderness to these creatures that make our lives so much better.

NB. The cover design will change


In 2021, Elena Bulay became a winner for Illustrators Exhibition organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair

complete English text available (original text – Russian); files availability – June 2021

Different languages have very precise words for complex feelings. Each country is like a person with its own character. By putting such words together, you can draw a portrait, describe the whole country with the mix of the unique feelings.
Surely, some of these words and feelings will sound familiar. But others might surprise you and help to notice special moments in the future, such as how sunlight shines through the leaves. And maybe this feeling and word will become yours. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you call it, the main thing is that you mention it and feel.

The book is suitable for both children and adults who wish to learn more about the specific words describing feelings in different languages.


Publisher – Mile Books

World English, Spanish (US non-booktrade only) and Korean language rights sold



wonderful toyswonderful toyswonderful toys

Everyone knows that toys in a toy store come to life when no one sees them. Only the most attentive visitors may notice a little gray puppy painting a portrait of a saleswoman, Pink Wolf sneaking into the children’s clothing department, or a Plush Hippo peeking at children eating ice cream. Sergey Sedov collected and recorded 16 of the stories from this secret life of one children’s store, where some really great toys live. They make friends, travel, dream and most importantly wait for a child to make him happy.


Illustrations from The Life of Wonderful Toys are among the winners of the 2021 Illustrators Exhibition organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

English sample available


Simplified Chinese language rights sold

The Wind_coverThe WindThe Wind

What does the average child know about wind? Probably, not much. What is wind? What are the different types of wind? Which way does the wind blow? Why do hurricanes need names? How does the wind affect birds, animals, and plants? You will find answers to all these questions and many other interesting facts about wind in this brightly illustrated book for children ages six to ten. The book was written in collaboration with a meteorologist of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

The book contains facts from geography, history, biology and other fields of science. The main character in this book is the wind, but there are others as well: an old man and his granddaughter to whom he tells about the wind. Their journey can be traced through the pages of the book, or you can make up your own story.

The illustrations for The Wind were shortlisted for the BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition in Beijing, China and were honored with an award at the International Illustration and Book Design Competition — Image of the Book in Moscow, Russia. The Wind was published in Russia in 2020 by Rech. Complete rough English translation available.


Simplified Chinese language rights sold, all other rights available (except Russian)

All Asian language rights represented by Rightol Agency

sport that changes us coversport that changes us coversport that changes us cover

This modern encyclopedia containing 24 chapters will tell you about the most spectacular and new Olympic kinds of sports. Why doesn’t a track bike have brakes? Who invented surfing? How old is skateboarding? How much faster are clap skates? Is it possible to win an Olympics medal at the age of 60? The encyclopedia is written by a trio of sports journalists and contains vivid illustrations, short articles about the history of sports, anecdotes about athletes and short comic strips with practical advice to kids that can be easily followed. For this purpose, we invented two characters – a boy and a girl of the same age as the reader. They try to follow the advice of the authors and, of course, laugh a lot and make fun of each other. Sports means people, and we will tell different stories about them: the stories of hard training, challenges and triumphs.

authors: Timur Ganeyev, Alexander Polivanov, Pavel Kopachev

illustrators: by Alisa Yufa, Alexandra Khalbayeva, Anna Belova




Publisher – Bookcase Publishing

all other rights available (except Russian)

Final PDF files – April 2021


A little mole lives under the ground with all the other moles. But she wants to discover the world and she sets of for an adventure. But even though she finds herself underneath the birds, above the fish and among the elephants, she finds herself all alone. But all of a sudden, while she was only One, her Two parents arrive and they find themselves all Three!

Raquel Bonita is one of 77 winners for Illustrators Exhibition for The Bologna Children’s Book Fair  (2021)




Korea: Orange Agency; China: CA-Link; Italy & Spain: Book149


World English and Spanish (US non-booktrade only) language rights sold




The explorer sinks into the jungle. Around him, a profusion of colors and sounds. Determined, he advances towards his dearest dream: to see the bird of paradise. Arrived at the point of observation, begins the long waiting. He is hungry, he is thirsty. Around him, the world continues its course, insensitive to his will and his obsession. Collapsed, the man believes all hope is lost. When all of a sudden…

This story offers, with beauty and sensitivity, an example of an explorer who set out to conquer and who experiences, by the force of things beyond him, a liberating shift. This book is an invitation to discover a harmonious link with the surrounding world.

Printing details: digital serigraphy, three Pantone colors

Publication: April 2021

Vert jardinVert jardinVert jardin



Publication – August 2021 (complete PDFs available)

Rouge jardinRouge jardinRouge jardin

Oops! The slice of tomato fell on the ground. Put some soil on it and find out what will happen… By describing the life cycle of the tomato, this playful and interactive image book accompanies the youngest children in the discovery of nature. Help the rain to fall by tapping with your fingers, search for aphids for the ladybug or follow the sun’s rays so that they reach the fruit. Clémence Sabbagh offers us a living poetry that invites us to action and brings us closer to this so familiar plant. And to continue the discovery, a recipe adapted to toddlers is proposed at the end of the book. From the book to the plate, passing through the garden, Couleurs jardin (Garden colors) is a trilogy to crunch!



Publication – May 2021

Bleu jardinBleu jardinBleu jardin

By describing the life of the blue titmice, this playful and interactive image book will accompany the very young children in the discovery of nature. Look for its hiding place in the garden or follow its flight in the sky… count its eggs and then help the chicks to call their parents… Clémence Sabbagh offers us pretty little poems that invite us to action and bring us closer to this bird so familiar and yet not so easy to approach.




Embark with a little girl and her dad for an exciting mini road trip. How she would love these wonderful moments to never end!

In this very simple text written in the 1st person, we follow a little girl who has left for the day with her daddy in his little truck. He is working. She lets herself be transported along the way and by their favorite songs on the radio. Her imagination wanders through the landscapes and the lyrics. How she wishes that this wonderful journey with Daddy would be endless.

Mori’s cheerful and colorful images show here and there outdated objects, like the trace of a memory. For this is how Mori always proceeds in creation: by passing through his memories, as in this case of a silent and loving relationship between a child and her father.


Papa’s little truck has been selected for The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 2020 by dPictus.

Complex Chinese, English (world) and Spanish (US, non-trade channel only) language rights sold

Mona is a little girl who loves to play with words, to pronounce them, to arrange and re-arrange them, to fill her pockets with words and to create new fantastique worlds. It’s not so easy if your parents are hiding behind the perfectly correct words. Mona’s messy letters annoy her father and the vacuum cleaner is always there to make the space clean and empty.

Mona stops talking. But sometimes words have surprises in stock: they pop-up from nowhere. There are itchy words, squeezed words, forgotten words, sweet words that bring together…
Mona Olala is a story of a little girl and her parents but most importantly about the need of words between parents and their kids.


Original text – French language

Publisher – Boomkniga

All rights available except Russian


Lancelot is a small monster that fell to earth one beautiful morning. But he was falling, he losts his smile. So he begins to steal it from others, spreading sadness all around. But everything changes when he meets Castille, a young village girl.

Publication – April 2021

Kònoba, the beautiful kite made by Nouhoum, has gone astray. It was successively discovered by animals in the jungle and then by the villagers. Everyone will do their best to redirect it to its owner. The union makes the force and, little by little, Kònoba gets closer to Nouhoum. Publication: May 2021



World English and Spanish (US only) rights sold


The Captamed fox is a story of a young fox saved by a nature lover who rescues it, takes care and tames it with lots of love. But Fawn is always on a lookout of what’s outside, of the sounds of nature that are so close and dreams of returning back to the forest. Fawn appreciates this human to whom it got used to but can’t understand why it is not allowed to go back to the nature calling. One day Fawn manages to escape and becomes wild and free animal again. After a while, Virgile comes across it in the forest. She is surrounded by three cubs. Virgile takes a photo. It is the most beautiful photo he has ever taken, the photo of freedom. Virgile and Fawn finally understand each other. A strong friendship unites them forever.


all rights available



GILBERTSuper GilbertSuper Gilbert

A sparkling book full of gaiety that shows how, thanks to a wacky word, one can name, highlight and enjoy the beautiful things in life while putting the less beautiful at a distance. Simple and powerful.

In life, there is what is Gilbert, and the rest. The school teacher, her name is Gilbert; the uncle who is a clown, he too is called Gilbert. What is certain is that those who are grumpy are not called Gilbert. The beautiful car that just drove by? For sure, it’s a Gilbert! And this great menu at the restaurant, a real Gilbert menu! Through the cheerful, dynamic and colorful boards, this young boy offers us a new look: the playful classification of life’s pleasures and worries. Beyond the inventory, this book offers us a new and simple way to look at the world, to be amazed again, to reappropriate the beauty and the joy in connection with the other readers.


Publication – Spring 2021

« Nos petits docs à partager»: a new non-fiction & activity series for 3-5 year olds to discover the world in a playful and fun way! Together with the Toubio family, we discover a green farm! How do the chickens live in the farmyard? Why do we shear sheep ? How to cultivate a vegetable garden throughout the seasons? What is the difference between a goat and a sheep?

Publication – June 2021

Oh mon chapeauOh mon chapeauOh mon chapeau



The wind is blowing and Célie’s hat flies away. A magpie would like to use it as a nest but it is too heavy ! It falls on a cat’s muzzle that while jumping drops it over a frog… Célie applaudes ! And when the hat doesn’t move anymore : « Again! » she cries while throwing it higher again. A timeless story for the little ones.


German language rights sold



Gabin has a bear. He plays hide and seek with him but Nestor can be easily found, he disguises it into an Indian… And in the evening, we discover Gabin sleeping while holding Nestor in his arms… A beautiful story for the little ones about the complicity between the child and his cuddly toy.


German language rights sold




In a public garden, an old woman comes every Thursday to throw seeds to birds. Except when it rains. One day, she meets a young boy sitted on her favorite bench. With clumsy words, he explains that he has fled from his country afflicted by war. Suzanne gives him her friendship and this complicity is going to change their existence : the old woman is not alone on her bench anymore and she is going to offer to this young refugee the hope for a rebirth. One day, Suzanne doesn’t come. But Nadim finds a trailer in which he sells seeds for birds, everyday and not only on Thursday. He will call this trailer « Suzanne with the birds », to commemorate his friend.


« Nos petits docs à partager»: a new non-fiction & activity series for 3-5 year olds to discover the world in a playful and fun way! With Noah and Zoé, we discover how a school day goes. What is the assembly corner? How does the writing lesson go? How to behave in a canteen? How to learn first English words?

• Discover today’s world through children’s favorite themes and parents’ current expectations: how to live well together and take care of the planet

• A collection designed by a kindergarten teacher to learn on one’s own pace

• A mix of photographs to see real life and illustrations for better observation

• Encourage the active involvement of children (and parents!) through games, questions, mind maps and manual activities.

Publication – June 2021