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The captamed fox is a story of a young female fox saved by a nature lover who rescues her, takes care of her and tames her with lots of love. But Gaïa is always on a lookout of what’s outside, of the sounds of nature that are so close and dreams of returning back to the forest. She appreciates this human to whom she got used to but she can’t understand why she is not allowed to go back to nature that is calling her. One day she manages to escape and becomes wild and free animal again. After a while, Virgile comes across her in the forest. She is surrounded by three cubs. Virgile takes a photo. It is the most beautiful photo he has ever taken, the photo of freedom. Virgile and Gaïa finally understand each other. A strong friendship unites them forever.


NB: cover and illustrations are not final


In India, an old man offers a treasure to a young beggar: several pieces of wood. The child is disappointed but as the old man starts to push the wooden figures and recount the battles and expeditions, the boys turns into a hero and adventurer. Initiated at the chess game, the boy reveals himself as a prodigy. So he is sent to travel around the world to compete with the best players… Years later, covered with glory, the champion is back to his home country. One day, he stops in front of a poor young beggar…

The story is freely inspired by the life of Mir Malik Sultan Khan (1905-1966) – an Indian chess master, the strongest chess master of his time.


A river. A house in the middle of the river. A dreamy bear sitting on the roof of the house. Shouldn’t we leave… Then again, where to? Who with? Thus began a quiet journey. The illustrations prompt the reader to ask questions, without any pressure to give answers. A winding path, an encounter with a friendly wolf, a starry night, a sledge that seems to beckon the reader to toboggan down to… a river, and all the way downstream suddenly pops up a house, at the top of a hill. Indeed, this journey is deceptively just playful: it’s an initiation.


In The Gift we follow the experience of Xiong, a shy boy who receives an entrance ticket to a museum as a Christmas gift from his father. He is not so happy; he would have preferred to stay in his familiar world, with his friend Mr. Cigale. He is not really passionate about the museum pieces of art. What should he look at at the exposition? What should he think of? Is there only one way to understand a piece of art? In reality, Xiong is much closer to the world of art and creativity than he can ever imagine. Art is often mysterious and difficult to understand. But it can change if we accept to open our heart and set off for an adventure.


Publication date – November 2020

In her golden country where it’s always, always hot, Maryam loves gardening. On the other side of the world, in her silver country, where it’s always, always raining, Maroussia shares the same passion. Will their flowers flourish one day?

– An ecological tale to increase the ecological/climatic awareness

– Complementary characters to accentuate solidarity

– Bright vibrant gouache illustrations, rich in details

– A duo of a renowned children’s novelist and young talented illustrator


Publication date – November 2020



Mireille Calmel’s first novel for children – the historical novel that will be a summer page- turner! At the chateau of Amboise, the great master Leonardo da Vinci has just died. But someone has stolen his sketch of The Flying Wing, one of his greatest inventions. Who has stolen it and why? Above all, the King – Francis I – must not notice that it has disappeared. In a race against time, four children – Flore, Raphaël, Louis and Pierre – begin a breathtaking chase through the underground passages of the chateau.


Mireille Calmel (author) is a best-selling author with a score of historical novels to her credit (published by XO). All have been best-sellers, both in France (where 1.7 million copies have been sold) and abroad, where her translated works sell in a dozen or so countries.


A fascinating look at unusual houses all over the world – from both past and present – that show the incredible variety of our different ways of life. This highly-illustrated non-fiction work takes us inside the most amazing houses in the world: the teepees of Native Americans, the izbis of Russia, the palaces of Venice, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and many more… Through panoramic illustrations, maps and games, the reader finds out all about their history, their architecture and the people who live there.

40 experiments to be carried out at first hand: a fun way to find out more about our environment and learn how to protect it. 40 activities that will bring the Nature back into children’s lives. They foster concentration, creativity and self-esteem. All activities are tested by children, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance and photos. 


Publication – March 2021

forest lifeforest lifeforest life

Every year the forest lives a full life cycle, it revives in spring and falls asleep in winter. The cycle repeats again and again. The seasons change one after another. The life begins and ends, and then it begins again. This graphic novel is about how beautiful and endless the life is. And in the center of the narrative is the story of one wolf.

complete PDFs in English available

around the world in 80 daysaround the world in 80 daysaround the world in 80 days

Follow the adventures of Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, Aouda and others in their round-the-world voyage in the renowned novel by Jules Verne Around the World in 80 Days. Visit the four corners of the world following the fifteen spreads of this seek and find book full of details to observe and tasks to accomplish. The book follows the plot of the original novel and gets the reader acquainted with the story of this classics of world literature through a condensed version.



Original language of publication – Russian; complete rough English translation available. Publication – October/November 2020.


Italian, Portuguese  and Danish rights sold



An ardent musicologist tells children all about the fascinating life of the young prodigy and the secrets of his music. A book to be read whilst listening to his finest works! We follow the fascinating course of Mozart’s life from his early years when he was taught by his father to his travels to all the courts of Europe. We find out everything about his successes, his feelings and the secrets behind his compositions. The book contains an audio bonus (extracts of Mozart’s greatest works) and the timeline of the most important dates of the composer’s life.


Danish and Vietnamese language rights sold


A first-person account that gives children an idea of the perseverance and vitality of this exceptional scientist. In the form of a logbook, this work recounts the life of Marie Curie – growing up in Poland, winning Nobel Prizes, what her involvement was in World War II… We see inside her laboratory and find out about her research into radioactivity. With its wealth of anecdotes, the book reveals the incredible challenges she faced as well as the setbacks she endured.


Danish and Vietnamese language rights sold




The ice cap is melting! The penguins need to find a new home. But all the wonderful places of Earth they have heard of are polluted or destroyed… Themes : ecology, destruction of natural habitat, penguins.

New edition (November 2020): bigger format and new preface!


Chinese simplified, Chinese complex, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish languages rights sold

It’s autumn, Nami’s favorite season because she loves walking in the forest. Drip ! A drop falls into her palm. The little girl puts it on a leaf carefully… and it is immediately carried by the wind. Oh, it is so amusing to follow its voyage! 

– A playful walk in the autumn forest

– Initiatory journey to discover nature

– A simple and realistic adventure that invites the reader to imitate


Publication date – October 2020

A wonderful tale about the power of music, life in the wild, and disability. When the king finds out that his son is blind, he secretly takes him into the depths of the forest and abandons him there. The young prince grows up in the wild, protected by wild animals. He is then taken in by travelling minstrels, and it is then that he discovers his exceptional gift: a voice that can cure all illnesses.

70 activities that include making things, cooking, observation and relaxation. This very new and attractive activity book is the result of a collaboration with the magazine La Petite fabrique (The Little Factory). The activities are designed for families to do together – they are both educational and fun, and show concern for the natural world and the environment. There are four main parts: Making things (e.g. a vegetable table, make-up that is 100% natural, plasticine with spices), Cooking (e.g. power cookies, carnival fritters, an energy soup), Observing (e.g. looking at animal tracks, making a family tree, playing the magic potion game), Relaxing (e.g. meadow yoga, the “tiny ladybird” massage, eye gymnastics…)


Publication date – September 2020

A board book that will help kids to learn the names of birds in 7 languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Esperanto. With beautiful artistic illustrations by Motomitsu Maehara (Paris-based Japanese illustrator). Animals and Sea Creatures are also available in the same series.


World English rights sold


A board book that will help kids to learn the names of sea creatures in 7 languages: French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Esperanto. With beautiful artistic illustrations by Motomitsu Maehara (Paris-based Japanese illustrator). Animals and Birds are also available in the same series.


World English rights sold

Le_livre_aux_arbresLivre_aux_Arbres SMALL img2Livre_aux_Arbres SMALL img3


After a success of The Bird Book (rights sold to 10 languages) and The Book of Tiny Creatures (rights sold to 8 languages), discover a new title by Nathalie Tordjman about trees, illustrated with precise and naturalistic drawings of Julien Norwood as well as magnificent colourful illustrations of Isabelle Simler. 

Publication date – Spring 2020


Arabic (world), simplified Chinese, Czech, Slovak, Spanish (world), Russian, Korean, English (world), Serbian and Turkish language rights sold

Obaysch is a hippopotamus but he is not like the other hippopotamus. He doesn’t know how to run, has never lived in Africa and stays alone most of the time. Nilo, the crocodile is the only one to be interested in Obaysch and asks him why doesn’t he run. It’s because he was born at London Zoo where he lived in a narrow cage that didn’t allow him to learn running. Nilo is going to teach him how to run but it won’t work until he discovers that Obaysch is an amazing dancer and that dance is the only thing that makes him feel free.

A beautiful story about differences but also about the consequences of living in a the zoo on animals that live there.


Publication – first semester of 2021


Gory_oblozhka_eng 900x900


This is a unique story of how people changed their view of mountains and mountain climbing. First they saw mountains as an enemy to subjugate but with time the very process of ascent acquired a special meaning for the climbers. The subdued illustrations remind us of vintage postcards from the Alps.


simplified Chinese rights sold



Humanity has been acting and playing roles from time immemorial. The book explores theatre as an elusive, floating art. The author outlines the evolving dynamics between the actors, director, costume designer, composer and the public. The author investigates the time evolution of relations between actors, screenwriter, costumer, music maker and spectator. The illustrated history of theatre from Ancient Greece till the present. Opera and ballet, puppet shows and street theatre, Noh and kabuki theatre, Shakespeare, Stanislavsky and Meyerhold.


simplified Chinese language rights sold

le livre bleule livre bleule livre bleu

Every night, a mother reads her little boy his favourite story. It’s a fascinating tale that comforts him before he goes to sleep. But, one day, the story changes…

This is a new treat from Timothée de Fombelle, a story that parents will love to read to their five-year-olds. Yet again, we fall under the writer’s spell with a story that is both surprising and moving. And, when the story reaches its end, we have only one wish – to read it over again.


Publication – January 2021

complete PDFs, hard copies and rough English translation available


Once upon a time there was a little man made of paper who wanted to explore the world…

Arsène dreams of exploring the world. So, one day, he escapes from the book he lives in and meets a little girl called Hortense. She recognizes the little paper man, because she reads about him every evening. She takes him under her wing and takes him everywhere with her. Arsène is over the moon! But, very soon, he thinks about his parents and the wonderful hugs he gets from them. It’s time to go home and show them that he has grown up…


Publication – January 2021

complete PDFs, hard copies and rough English translation available