zebre prisonnierzebre prisonnierzebre prisonnier

A prisoner escapes with the help of a zebra. And they escape into a surreal world where a blade of grass can turn into a bird, and birds into musical notes… Discovering freedom, they will reinvent themselves in this universe where everything is unexpected, magical and above all possible: the one of drawing. The two accomplices Maxime Péroz and Jenny Guillaume sign an album where humor and friendship blossom in a comic universe full of visual discoveries. A silent and two-colored book to go to the essential.


«So my dear, what did you do at school today?» Every day, Antoine asks his son this question with joy and curiosity. But the answers get more and more surprising: the class pet is bigger than the teacher; it even broke the school roof! Wouldn’t his son be telling him some nonsense? Or maybe Antoine should trust him a little more… Coralie Saudo and Guillaume Delannoy created a hilarious picture book with illustrations full of funny details. You think your child has an overflowing imagination? What if he or she is simply telling the truth?


A picture book about the sight: the one we put on the small and big things in life, the one that reveals, the one that carries… On each spread, a question, always the same: what are the characters looking at? Readers must observe the details of the image and find clues. Then, by lifting a flap or turning the page, they discover the counter-field, the object or the scene looked at, accompanied by a sentence which describes and reveals, with accuracy and a lot of humor, the point of view of the characters. And as the pages go by, the story of a little piece of life takes shape, where a child’s view gradually becomes that of an adult. And in which the readers, children or adults, will be able to recognize their past, laugh at their present or project themselves in their future. A picture book full of humor and tenderness that can be offered from birth and reread when older to grasp all its subtleties. A picture book to accompany a life.


Publication – May 2022

c-est quand l-etec-est quand l-ete

This morning, Boris the polar bear wakes up happy because it’s finally summer. So he puts on his bathing suit, his buoy and goes outside. But damn! It’s snowing. So it’s not summer. Boris is so disappointed, he decides to wait for it by sulking and repeating over and over again: When will it be summer? When summer finally arrives, he jumps into the water, with mixed happiness. But in the end, doesn’t he prefer winter? In her colorful and dynamic style, Roro Mawouane (Romane Lefebvre) tackles impatience and dissatisfaction, these feelings so well known to children, with humor and lightness. And between two smiles, you will notice that she also talks about ecology.


Jana goes on vacation and, for the first time, she sees the mountain. Impatient, she spends the trip talking to her dog, asking questions to her parents or dreaming of this big rock as high as the clouds. But what a disappointment, as she got closer to the chalet, she discovered that the mountain was hidden in the mist. That night, Jana falls asleep worried and disappointed. Will she finally be able to see the mountain for real? David Wautier’s illustrations could almost do without text, so precise, evocative and simply magnificent are they. Until the final «wouaaah», we share Jana’s disappointment of not seeing this mountain, then to finally discover it, of all beauty. An album which gives desire to hike and to set off to meet the tops.


Korean language rights sold


DOG_BOOK_new cover

Through a unique and a very personal story of the author and her dog Jo who made it to her new family after living in a street as a puppy and then in a foster home, the author invites us to the exciting world of man’s best friends. The book has two parts. The personal story pages with bright and vibrant gouache illustrations alternate with black and white informative pages where young dog lovers (but also adults!) will find plenty of fascinating information about dog breeds, dogs’ habits, historical and zoological facts but most importantly it will teach a kid how to take care of his pet. The book hides nothing of a big responsibility that we take adopting a dog, it tackles tricky questions and possible problems in a way that is accessible to children. It’s also full of love and tenderness to these creatures that make our lives so much better.

NB. The cover design will change


In 2021, Elena Bulay became a winner of the Illustrators Exhibition organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair with the illustrations for The Life of Wonderful Toys by Sergey Sedov

In 2022, Elena Bulay became a winner of the Illustrators Exhibition organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair with the illustrations for The Dog Book 



complete English text available (original text – Russian)

Italian and Russian language rights sold


The Finger is a story about a girl who badly injured her finger and suddenly faced pain and fear that she didn’t know how to deal with. Together with her mother and friends, the heroine gradually learns to interact with her feelings and sensations – to experience pain by inventing a shark character to express it, to live through fear and anger, to build boundaries between herself and the shark-pain, and in the end to say goodbye to it forever without regrets.


Publication – summer 2022

In the meantimeIn the meantimeIn the meantime

You’re looking at this book right now, and in the meantime…. What is happening at this moment in different parts of our vast planet? What are its inhabitants doing? Somewhere it’s day and somewhere it’s night, somewhere it’s summer and somewhere it’s winter. Norwegian fishermen are heading out to the sea, in bustling New York people are rushing about their business, in Indonesia a volcano is erupting, and crowds of tourists are watching The Great Sphinx. Let’s go on a trip around the world, where in a few minutes we will visit not only different continents, but also the outer space.


Files availability – May 2022


Like a lullaby, somewhere between the shadow and the light, this poetic picture book reminds us of a long-time forgotten secret : growing up does not mean definitely losing our capacity of being touched. While growing up, we learn to discover the marvels of the world in a new way.


An album full of philosophy for the little ones. In the garden, a bee covered with pollen flies from flower to flower without thinking of having a rest. Meanwhile, a snail climbs up a stem without thinking of hurrying. At the end of the day, the bee returns home. A lonely flower greets the snail: «Good evening snail! And good night. I had so many things to say to the bee and you are so late…» Certainly, nothing prevents time from passing but, deeply moved, the snail invites the flower to speak to him: he will retain his sweet words and transmit them to the bee, tomorrow. An experience of time told with simplicity and efficiency in a small story featuring a flower, a bee and a snail. Time passes, but it doesn’t take away everything in its path. The ability to be moved by beauty and to act as a faithful messenger is a treasure that empowers.


Xiaoying, «spring flower», is the only daughter of the Huo family. Everything in her life promises a happy and fulfilling life. But the disgraceful death of her father decides otherwise. Determined to console and support her mother, the young woman vows to marry the man who will avenge the affront suffered by her family. The injustice is finally repaired… by a tiger in love with Xiaoying. Between Beauty and the Beast, will the promised love be possible? This classic tale (taken from a compilation of 1792), will remind us of Beauty and the Beast by Mme Leprince de Beaumont (1756). But here, there are no spells or metamorphosis. The story features a real tiger, proud as well as devoted to his love. In addition to invoking noble sentiments, the tale magnifies the admirable ability to recognize the other as different.

Oh coletteOh coletteOh colette

Like a basket of vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables, this boardbook will give ideas at home! In this board book, everything is simple: on each white spread, the silhouette of a fruit or vegetable in two different states (whole/cut, planted/unplanted, single/ multiple) is displayed. To accompany the black and white linocuts by Catherine Louis, we just read the name of the represented plant and a word indicating its color, written in this same color. Beyond a small inventory of shapes and colors, «Oh! Colette» features Colette, a mischievous little girl who, when she finally appears, knows how to be very creative with all these fruits and vegetables as soon as they are within her reach and especially when they are on her plate.

A third book in the same format, entitled Ah! Colette, will follow in August 2022.




A journey to discover the wonders of the ocean! Aby is very curious. She loves to discover new worlds, to explore mysterious lands, to venture into the unknown. She is always excited to meet new creatures and chose to become an explorer at a young age. And her favorite thing to do is scuba dive. Aboard her submarine Nessy, she discovers fantastic landscapes, from fine sandy beaches to the dark and disturbing corners of the abyss. And when she finds the perfect spot, she puts on her diving suit and gets out of her ship to immerse herself in this universe where everything seems to fly. Come with her!

A majestic first album by a young illustrator working in linocut, giving this book an original and majestic universe. Children and their parents will be able, like Aby, to walk on the seabed in extraordinary landscapes to discover marine creatures, in the calm and serenity of the ocean.


Publication – spring/summer 2022



Off we go on a hunt for silence! It is a quest. Where does it live? What is it like? Together with the reader, we are looking for answers to these questions above and below the ground, under the water and even in space. And while doing so we listen carefully and discover new sounds we haven’t noticed or even never heard before. In the end, a hunt for silence will allow to a curious and attentive reader to discover a whole new world… of sounds!


World English, Italian and Korean rights sold


In the vast forest, the heavy paw of the diplodocus accidentally hits an egg. This one rolls, rolls… The abandoned egg attracts the attention of the dimetrodon: «But… this is my egg! The other dinosaurs do not agree, a quarrel breaks out. Each one claims that it is his! But whose is it?

The favorite winter tale for the little ones. On the snow, a mitt has been lost. Mouse decides to make a soft home for herself and bundles up in it. Soon, Frog, Rabbit, Fox, Wolf and Bear join her in her shelter. The wool is too stretched, the seams crack, but the mitt holds on. When suddenly, an ant invites itself too….

in the forestin the forestin the forest

An ode to the forest, to the emotions that unfold when you walk through it and to the richness of its landscapes. A positive book, an invitation to go to the forest, to express oneself and to feel oneself to exist. Beautifully illustrated by Thanh Portal. In The forest, come is a vibrant invitation, repeated on each spread, to come and walk in the forest and to deliver there, all our emotions and our states of mind: joy, fear, relaxation, considerations… The forest becomes a mirror of our moods and our dreams, a healthy and refreshing place where we feel we exist, where we feel good. A text with a poetic rhythm that can only make every reader, young or old, want to take long walks in the forest again and again!


Publication – April 2022


A cheerful and colorful book to talk about solidarity and mutual aid and to remind us how beneficial and powerful it is to be and act together. A new store opens in the city, Noémie discovers balls of wool of all colors and decides to start knitting, without knowing what her work will be. The knitting grows and grows, and eventually forms a long blanket, which becomes a path on which first the animals settle, then the inhabitants sharing joy and friendship. When it reaches the seaside, it finally allows to welcome passengers coming from far away.

The colorful, joyful and reassuring alley takes the young reader and his characters to subtly discover the themes of sharing and mutual aid because finally, helping others is not so complicated when we do it «Together». Cheerful and comforting.


Publication – April 2022


In my body is a collection of poems for first readers written by Juan Cruz, 2018 National Prize for Children’s and Youth Literature (the highest distinction granted by  the Spanish Ministry of Culture). Verses that tell us about our body, how to love it, know it and take care of it.


French translation available

Publication – spring/summer 2022


Metals are all around us, but what do we know about them? Which ones are poisonous, which corrode easily, which are the most expensive and the most rare, which are needed by our body, which have influenced history the most? This book tells all about metals together with an introduction to basic chemistry, physics and metallurgy in fun facts and easy experiments. Most enjoyable and educational reading for the whole family.



Two translation grants available

English extract available

Korean language rights sold

L'air de rienL'air de rienL'air de rien

Chance brings Ulo and Mame together as they are about to enter the forest. They don’t know each other, but the shared path gradually brings them together. Mame carries a secret sorrow. With little things — gestures and gentle words — Ulo tries to warm his heart. On this contemplative and poetic journey through a natural setting waking up from winter, a friendship will be born.


Publication – March 2022

Je ne t'abandonnerai jamaisJe ne t'abandonnerai jamaisJe ne t'abandonnerai jamais

Lilou is a brave little girl who is not afraid of ANYTHING.
Well, almost… Because hidden in her heart, something scares her more than anything else.


Publication – Mai 2022

Korean language rights sold

Driving home through a storm, a family has a fantastical encounter. Something big, even bulky, is waddling down the road. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be another family – a family of crocodiles! There is a little one, a medium one, and a huge one. What are these strangers doing, lost in the night? Do they need help?

Publication – March 2022

Do_you_believe_in_the seaDo_you_believe_in_the seaDo_you_believe_in_the sea

The sea is huge, blue, bold and endless. When the dog named Seagull, heard about it for the first time, he immediately wanted to see it with his own eyes. Seagull had to face many challenges – once he almost drowned! – before his dangerous and unexpected journey was over. This wonderful book by Olga Fadeeva tells us how important it is to follow your heart and pursue your dreams, and that all coincidences are not accidental. And you, do you believe in the sea?


All Asian language rights represented by Rightol Agency

Simplified Chinese language rights sold (Shanghai Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House)