B for brain. Neuroscience for curious readers

Original Title:

C come cervello. Neuroscienze per lettori curiosi










ISBN: 979-12-5958-009-2

48 pages

23 x 27 cm - 22,90€

B for BrainB for BrainB for Brain


Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a priceless treasure hidden inside the head of each of us… In fact, right inside the head (under the hair, the skin and the bones that form the skull) there is an organ little bigger than a large orange, but which is extremely important, indeed it is undoubtedly the most important organ in our entire body: we are talking about the brain!

A journey to discover this fascinating and fundamental organ of the human body, responsible for everything that happens to us: from movement to sensory perceptions, from emotions to social relations, from memory to learning…

Thanks to Allegra Agliardi’s extraordinary illustrations and Marcello Turconi’s simple and amusing language, the book brings to life a surprising “city” to explore, with its inhabitants, its structures and its functioning.


Key selling points:

– easy and fascinating representation of scientific facts and human body

– simple and entertaining language

– small quizzes and questions for the reader

– renown illustrator published allover the world


Awards and selections:

The White Ravens List 2022

PICCOLO GALILEO PRIZE 2022 – shortlisted, junior category


Rights sold: simplified Chinese, Romanian, Korean, Portuguese and Slovenian languages

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