Beyond the stars

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Beyond the stars










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32 pages

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Beyond the starsBeyond the starsBeyond the stars


A silent wordless picture book on living through grief and loss.

A girl discovers a cat left on her front porch. She takes it in, and they become best friends. Once the cat passes away, she doesn’t understand, where it has gone and feels devastated. She sees her cat everywhere – in rain puddles, shadows, clouds… The cat becomes huger and huger. When the time comes, it takes her on a magical journey beyond the stars, where they meet a little kitten. The girl understands, that she has to let her friend go. When she wakes up, she finds out, that the kitten was left on her front porch.

The story of the book is about loss, grief and hope. About life and death, that go full circle and start again. The story tells us that where there is grief, there also is hope, where there’s death, there is also a possibility of a new life and healing.


Selected among the 14 finalists in the BCBF Silent Book Contest, 2022

Dpictus Unpublished Picturebooks Showcase 2023 (longlisted)


unpublished project, world rights available


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