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ISBN: unpublished project

32 pages

20 x 28 cm - n/a€

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Life is calm and peaceful for Vera and her younger brother Kolya. It is full of games, laughter and books but just one thing is missing: they are both dreaming of a pet. Luckily, their mother is fond of this idea too, but where to find a kitten when you badly need one?

Maybe to write a letter to Santa Claus or shop at a special cat supermarket? When their mother suggests to start with a breeder website, they discover the world of majestic and noble Siamese cats. Their names look like the ones of royal family members: queen Esterházy, Giambattista the Great, Romuald Blue Eyes…

But suddenly kids’ attention is drawn to an announcement: “A couple of purebred cats gave birth to a defected kitten that does not meet high standards of the breed and who will not get name and pedigree. The kitten can be picked up for free”. The enclosed picture showed a tiny white blue-eyed kitten with a pink nose. The word «defected» immediately made the children’s eyes fill with tears while their mother suddenly got up: “Let’s go kids!”

An infinitely tender story about acceptance and differences that raise universal questions, even if in the animal world it can sound like «Can I be loved if my nose is pink instead of dark brown?»



Russian language rights sold

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