Brown Garden

Original Title:

Brun Jardin


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-33-4

32 pages

17 x 17 cm - 12,50€

Brown GardenBrown GardenBrown Garden

“Life above and below ground in an interactive adventure, with humor and learning”


Brown Garden, the fourth volume in the series Garden Colours, focuses on brown things in nature and more specifically on what happens on and under the ground. Once again, children will have to search, follow with a finger, count, etc. And this time we are going to track an earthworm in an eventful adventure. Among all the poops, guess which one does not belong to the dog, but rather to the earthworm! Help the earthworm escape from the hedgehog. Find out where the ants live and watch out for the rain that fills the underground tunnels! But most of all… beware of the mole!

This volume is illustrated with great humour and efficiency by Elo.

A fun and interactive picture book that will help young children discover a new aspect of nature.

Available in the same series: Red garden, Blue Garden, Green Garden, Orange Garden


Clémence Sabbagh, author

Selected bibliography:

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Les Grrr en vacances (2021), Le Diplodocus


Élo, illustrator

Selected bibliography:

Contes culottés (2022), Les 400 Coups

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