HongFei Cultures
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The name HongFei means “big flying bird” in Chinese. This word comes from a poem by SU Dongpo (XI century) in which life is compared to a big bird flying over the snow and leaving traces without being attached to them. The logo of HongFei Cultures is inspired by a picture on which the Chinese character meaning “bird” is based. It represents a bird and its traces on the snow.

HongFei Cultures is specialized on books for children and develops a unique editorial line that highlights empathy notably through the link with China and cross-cultural aspect. This is why many of the titles by HongFei represent texts by classic or contemporary Chinese and Taiwanese authors illustrated by western artists. These texts – fables, wonderful stories, fairy tales, poetry – reveal ancient but timeless literary tradition, vibrant and rich in humanism.

In the catalogue of HongFei Cultures, readers will also find titles not linked to Chinese culture and exploring various subjects such as travelling, interest to the unknown and relations with the others.