Walk Through History
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A Walk Through History is a Russian publishing house specializing in children’s books, primarily nonfiction. Founded in 2010, it has already established a reputation for its original historical series. All our books and games provide children with insight into a specific historical era and give them the opportunity to understand and participate in the events of that time.

We believe that active participation is the key to effective learning. All books and games in our historical series created with the help of professional historians and child psychologists in order to provide a genuine feel for a given historical era.

In 2012 our Medieval Russia series won the Book of the Year National Award – We Grow With A Book nomination. Our books have also won the Read-up Award, KNIGURU Book prize, Book Design-2016 and Russian Publishers Association Award.

Our mission is to help parents to spend quality time with their kids by providing excellent books and games about how people lived in the past.

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