Dimitri’s flight

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L'envol de Dimitri











40 pages

24 x 32 - €


Dimitri's flightDimitri's flightDimitri's flight

Barely out of a poor but carefree childhood on the Réunion island, young Dimitri Pavadé is the victim of a serious accident. He loses a leg and his destiny is turned upside down forever, for worse… and for better. For this handicap reveals the young man to himself. His strength of character and courage would turn him into a champion, who dares to have the most incredible dreams of medals. Journalist Cécile Baquey Moreno met this extraordinary hero and tells his story for the book series Roots of the world published by Cépages.

String points:

– A story of resilience with universal appeal.

– Sports is one of the main themes of 2024

– The main character is a famous handisport athlete dreaming of new medals.

– A first-person narrative in the form of a testimonial to speak to young readers and enable them to identify with the story.

– Hand-painted illustrations, both realistic and cheerful, to accompany the champion’s dynamism.


Author: Cécile Baquey Moreno has been a journalist with France Télévision for 20 years, where for the past few years she has hosted a podcast called “Ma parole” for Première. In it, she collects life stories from politicians, artists and sports personalities from overseas France. This is how she met Dimitri Pavadé, whose story inspired her to write a picture book. She enjoys writing for young people and has already published Le rêve de Manuela with Cépages.

Illustrator: An avid traveler and gifted illustrator, Sébastien Chebret uses a variety of techniques, including drawing, gouache, watercolor, acrylic and digital tools, to create his colorful illustrations. He has published numerous albums as well as documentaries for young people and travel diaries (he collaborated with Deux Coqs d’Or, Elan Vert, Alice, Editions du Ricochet).


Key words: disabled sport, athletics, champion, reunion island


Publication: June 2024

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