Doctors, walruses and wheels

Original Title:

Dottori, trichechi e rotelle










ISBN: 9791259581716

48 pages

27 x 23 - 16,90€



“Today we have yo go to the paediatrician” – “I don’t want to go! Who’s the paediatrician?” A paediatric visit becomes the occasion for a surreal dialogue between father and daughter, who find themselves imagining/exploring the strange world of doctors and everything these mysterious characters deal with. From the paediatrician to the eye doctor, from the dentist to the orthopaedist, the imagination runs giving shape to amusing scenarios all to be discovered, culminating in a playful sperad-search/ find type- showing all the doctors at work in the hospital, and a small glossary with the names of some of the specialities of medicine.

The always somewhat delicate subject matter is stripped of the more usual emotional connotations or need for reassurance, and moved into the territory of fantasy and the imaginative.

The bizarre texts are truly hilarious, enhanced by the myriad details and richness of the illustrations, all set in the animal world.

With this adventure the reader can enjoy a nice story full of humour and paradoxes and familiarize with the idea of the doctors and of the hospital without connetting it to fear or pain, and, indeed, discovering medicine as a world of fascinating jobs, like all the other ones, even potentially inspiring: and in the meantime, of course, what you know better, becomes less scaring.


Publication: June 2024


Biagio Bagini (1963), was a radio author for Radio2RAI (for Littizzetto, Paolini, Banda Osiris) then of songs and radio and TV programs. He has been published by several children’s publishing houses (Emme, Panini, Castoro, Lavieri, Sonda, Giunti and others) and won two awards (ApelesMestres Barcelona and Cento). She has written creative essays on nature and animals (and mathematics) and recently two musical novels on Stravinsky and Gershwin.


Corinne Zanette was born in Vittorio Veneto in 1984. She graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and then took several courses at the International School of Illustration in Sarmede. She is a book author and illustrator and collaborates with several publishing houses in Italy and abroad including La Joie de lire, Camelozampa, A pas de loups, Editions Motus.

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