Down in the blue. From the surface to the abyss: a browsable underwater journey

Original Title:

Giù nel blu. Dalla superficie agli abissi: viaggio sottomarino sfogliabile










ISBN: 979-12-5958-005-4

80 pages

22 x 29 cm - 22,90€

Down in the blueDown in the blueDown in the blue


A diving experience in a book: now just close your mouth, hold your breath and immerse yourself in the wonder.

A book about the sea unlike any other, starting with its VERTICAL format, for a reading experience unlike any other: a real deep dive, going down, down, down… page after page. To peek at marine life at various levels, of course, but also to experience an extraordinary enchantment as you go through the mystery of thousands of possible shades of blue, or the complete absence of light. From the crystal light blue of the surface to deep black: what have we found in the sea and its depths? An ocean of bizarre creatures and a world of wonders that we have collected, drawn and described in this book. An absolutely free selection of species told without encyclopaedic pretension, deliberately chosen instead, with their respective peculiarities, to punctuate the underwater descent. So it should come as no surprise to meet the first Polar Bear (yes, that’s right!) or to come across vast uninhabited spaces: Umberto Accinelli signs an unexpected book on the interconnection of living organisms, with a powerful ecological message to remind us that if we preserve the blue of the sea, we also preserve the green of the meadow and the blue of the sky.


Rights sold: German, French, Dutch, Korean, Hungarian, simplified Chinese, Czech, Spanish (Colombia only)

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