Émile and Félix

Original Title:

Émile et Félix










ISBN: 979-10-93266-53-4

32 pages

21 x 30 - 15€

Émile and FélixÉmile and FélixÉmile and Félix


Alone on his mountain, Émile lives as a hermit. He simply enjoys life, until the day he discovers a sleeping rabbit in his backyard. Listening only to his heart, Émile invites him to rest for a while at his place. As the days go by, a close relationship develops between the little rabbit, who had neither parents nor a name, and his host… Has this lost child found a home? 


Key points

– Sweet, caring characters that young readers can relate to.

– A reassuring universe to tackle the sensitive issue of adoption.

– A duo of an experienced author and a talented young illustrator to create a combination of mastery and freshness.

– Illustrations mixing brush and collage, full of joy and transporting the readers to another planet.


Rights sold: Korean and world English languages


Awards and selections:

⭐Shortlisted for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2024 (Finalists List)


Stéphanie Demasse-Pottier (author)

This resident of the Paris region studied literature before working as a children’s librarian in Seine-Saint-Denis and devoting herself to writing. In recent years, she has published a number of acclaimed titles with Grasset, L’Agrume,Sarbacane and La Martinière, as well as three albums with Cépages, of which she is one of the loyal authors.


Laura Kientzler (illustrator)

A native of the Vosges, this young illustrator first studied image at the Higher School of Art in Épinal, before completing her training at decorative arts in Strasbourg where she now lives. She has worked for the press and institutions. Her love of small sketches, drawings and cut-outs led her to publish her first album for young people with Cépages.


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