Fantastic animals all over the word

Original Title:

Фантастические Животные со всего света


Walk Through History








ISBN: 978-5-906994-06-6

64 pages

31,7 x 24,8 - n/a €



From time immemorial people believed there are all kinds of wondrous creatures in faraway places. They fly in the air, swim deep in the ocean waters and hide in the mountains. Some of them are dangerous and some can bring you wealth and even eternal life. Some have been hunted for hundreds of years and are still sought today. This book describes some of the bizarre creatures born by humankind’s fantasy: their habits and habitats and what science has to say about the possibility of their existence. Here you will find unicorn and cockatrice, dragon and kitsune, the kraken and the Nessie, tripodero and bigfoot and many others.


Selected for the DRAWN WORLDS – 1001 Outstanding International Books exhibition in Moscow, 2019 (by Bologna book fair)

Sample text available in English

Simplified Chinese language rights sold

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