Follow me…to the Prehistoric Times!

Original Title:

La Préhistoire en BD


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 978-2410014570

72 pages

19 x 24 cm - 14,50€

prehistory 300x300prehistory inter1prehistory inter2


A comic book perfect for ages 7 and up, with loads of information about lives of the first human beings, from Lucy to the Homo sapiens!

Welcome to prehistoric times! Loumi the wolf pup leads us in the footsteps of the first men: from the discovery of fire to the invention of art, from the first hunter-gatherers to the creation of the first villages. How did the Homo habilis live? Did the Homo erectus know how to talk? How did these prehistoric men make their tools? Who are the Cro-Magnons? When did the first encampments appear? Where can you find the most beautiful decorated caves? A very thorough book that’s a delight to read with young history buffs.


Spanish (Latin America) and simplified Chinese language rights sold

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