Good morning, Sweetheart

Original Title:

Bonjour Trésor









Board bookHardcover

ISBN: 978-2-35558-215-8

20 pages

14 x 14 - 11,90€


Hello treasureHello treasureHello treasure

Upon waking up, Sweetheart sees that it’s broad daylight. Everything is white because it snowed during the night. As the yellow sun rises in the sky, it melts the snow. Then, colors emerge and, along with them, little by little, the wonders of life and nature: the blue of the sky, a red roof, a little worm in the green grass being pecked by a bird before it flies away, a bouquet of violets… until sunset. Sweetheart too can go to sleep.



Using small details and transitioning from the black and white of the first pages to color, Véronique Massenot celebrates the day, this moment of discovery for very young children, to whose eyes everything is budding. Sweetheart’s joy is that of all those who watch and marvel. There is no doubt that their pleasure in advancing step by step in the exploration of the day will be even greater in the magnetic company of an adult.


Note: Véronique Massenot, who knows well the mysteries of time for children, has also thought about the night for little ones… So, alongside “Hello Sweetheart,” she has created “Goodnight Sweetheart”. The two books are independent but complement each other.


Illustration technique: gouache, ink


Key words: awakening, discovery, wonder, day, sun, spring


Publication: March 2024

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