In the forest

Original Title:

Al Bosc


La Topera








ISBN: 978-84-09-27510-6

36 pages

23 x 29 cm - 15€

En el bosque coverEn el bosqueEn el bosque

«In the forest» is an illustrated album with a girl as the main character. She goes to the forest with her grandfather to photograph animals, and as soon as they arrive, the grandfather gets lost. He is lost… but not completely. The attentive reader will know what the grandfather has been doing while his granddaughter was looking for him … What has the grandfather been doing during that time? The purpose of this book is to play. Play to discover animals, play to name them, play to recognize the spieces of our fauna. The idea was born from the perception that children can identify the animals in our environment less and less, and the book was created as a game to fall in love with foxes, wild boars, genets and eagles.

Publication – spring 2021

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