King Aeolus. Book of the winds

Original Title:

Éole Roi. Le Livre des Vents


HongFei Cultures








ISBN: 978-2-35558-200-4

120 pages

18,5 x 28 cm - 23€


Within a week of my return, my legs were aching because I was no longer using them. The sky was less blue, further away; the wind and clouds were no longer actors, but only elements of the scenery. The people around me were busy for reasons I had forgotten. I understood little by little that this would be the most beautiful journey of my life, the one we call initiatory. – N.J.


A tireless globetrotter, Nicolas Jolivot tells the story of the world he travels through from a human perspective in his illustrated diaries. Of all the travels that inspired his art creation, one outstands: his tour around France on foot to meet the winds when he was about twenty years old. It is this first and essential journey that he tells in this book.


Korean language rights sold

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