Komorebi, Sobremesa, Gezellig

Original Title:

Комореби, собремеса, хэзеллих


special projects








ISBN: 9785604489710

40 pages

26 x 20,5 cm - n/a€

Different languages have very precise words for complex feelings. Each country is like a person with its own character. By putting such words together, you can draw a portrait, describe the whole country with the mix of the unique feelings.
Surely, some of these words and feelings will sound familiar. But others might surprise you and help to notice special moments in the future, such as how sunlight shines through the leaves. And maybe this feeling and word will become yours. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you call it, the main thing is that you mention it and feel.

The book is suitable for both children and adults who wish to learn more about the specific words describing feelings in different languages.


Publisher – Mile Books

World English, Spanish (US non-booktrade only), Korean and Turkish language rights sold



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