Lily Learns Shapes

Original Title:

Лили учится сравнивать


special projects








ISBN: unpublished project

32 pages

20 x 28 cm - n/a€

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Objects have many different characteristics: size, color, taste, and… shape! It is easy to describe them if we know what shapes these objects look like. For example, houses look like huge rectangles, plates look like circles, and a piece of cake looks like a triangle!

In this book, four-year-old Lily learns what lines and geometric shapes are. Little readers will also be introduced to them. Together with Lily, they will learn to recognize different types of shapes, draw them, and use their new knowledge in everyday life. They will also understand that learning and exploring the world is fun, it’s just like an exciting game!

For children ages three and up and their parents, grandparents, and other adults who want to encourage their children’s interest in math, counting, and learning in general.


Russian and simplified Chinese language rights sold

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