Lily Learns to Compare

Original Title:

Лили учится сравнивать


special projects








ISBN: unpublished project

32 pages

20 x 28 cm - n/a€

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Hi, this is Lily! She is always on the run. Lily is already 4 years old, she is so big! Or small? It depends on the point of view. It is the same for the entire world – it can look big or small, depending on how you look at it and all the surrounding objects. This is what Lily will learn in this book – comparaisons! What is big and what it small? What is huge and what is tiny? What signs do we use to compare numbers and objects? Mathematics is fun, and together with her older sister Kathrin and their mother, Lily will learn something new about it!


Russian and simplified Chinese language rights sold (all the series)

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