Little wonders

Original Title:

Petites Merveilles









Board book

ISBN: 978-2-35558-217-2

24 pages

18 x 18 - 12,90€

Little wondersLittle wondersLittle wonders


Little Wonders, like the previously published Little Worlds, is a small poem full of images that give rise to others as you turn the pages. Do you want to know the connection between the roof of a house and the scales of a fish? Between a bicycle wheel and a slice of orange? A square die and a ladybug? An open umbrella and a flying duck? It’s quite simple: just turn the page… With this die-cut board book, where the words are light and the colors cheerful, toddlers will enjoy seeing one thing reveal another. Surprise guaranteed! Here, each of the little things we see or that are revealed makes up the wonderful world of the child that we discover at the end of the book, starting with the teddy bear on the cover, the thread running through the album.


Illustration technique: stencil painting


Key words: awakening, discovery, bear


Rights sold: simplified Chinese and Italian languages

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