My 4 Seasonal Dishes. Recipes and Tips for Young Eco-Friendly Cooks

Original Title:

50 Petits Plats des 4 Saisons


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 978-2410014945

96 pages

17 x 22 cm - 15,90€

50 plats 300x30050 plats inter150 plats inter2


Cooking better to eat better, it’s child’s play! Imagine delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make, with the least amount of waste possible – that’s what Charlotte and her family have challenged themselves to do! And here’s the result:

– 50 recipes organized by season that are appropriate for little chefs: sugar-dusted shortbread cookies for winter afternoons, leafy greens and cheese tarts for spring dinners, sun-drenched ratatouille in the summer, hearty burgers in the fall…

– Ecological tips and environmentally-friendly acts that will help you develop good habits: how to choose the right seasonal fruits and vegetables, organizing an ecological kitchen, avoiding plastic packaging

– Fun workshops: preparing a zero-waste picnic, making a compost, setting the table for a party in an environmentally-friendly way…

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