My little method to be in a good shape

Original Title:

Ma petite méthode pour être en forme


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 979-10-358-2051-0

96 pages

23,6 x 18,3 cm - 7,90€


Knowing how to take care of yourself is essential to have a lot of energy and a healthy brain. It is also the best way to be in a good position to learn effectively and grow up in complete serenity.

This comprehensive book covers all aspects of good health: a balanced diet, regular physical activity, restful sleep, good hygiene, the importance of play and imagination, respect for oneself, one’s body and others.


He proposes a method in 3 main steps:

1 Scientific insights to understand the functioning of the body and the brain;

2 Various exercises and workshops to do alone or with the family;

3 Tests and practical advice.


Throughout the booklet, children will discover how to take care of their body and learn how to adopt the right reflexes thanks to the different activities proposed.



Greek language rights sold

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