My most ordinary home

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My most ordinary home










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My most ordinary homeMy most ordinary homeMy most ordinary home



We have been traveling for a long time. By car, by train, by truck, by ship, on foot. I miss home very much, he must be very scared and lonely right now, maybe even hurt. If only I could shrink him with a magic spell and take him with me in my pocket! And what if, on the contrary, he was big and strong and could come with us, protect and comfort us on our long journey? And even if war, disasters, or the power of a cruel dictator forced us to flee and leave such a dear and beloved home, we could try to carry some of his wisdom and strength in our hearts. We would use them as a foundation to build our new home and a new life.


author’s project (unpublished)


Rights sold: Korean, Turkish, Japanese languages


Awards and selections:

⭐Shortlisted for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2024 (Finalists List)


CONSTANTIN SATÜPO was born in 1978 in Moscow. He graduated from the University of Printing Arts, and in 2013 he moved in Berlin to study visual communication at the Academy of Arts of Weissensee. He wrote, illustrated and published several children’s books and he is also known for his works as a graphic novel author and illustrator.

In 2019-2022, within the context of an art-project, he was involved into collaboration with associations helping refugees. With the beginning of Russian agression in Ukraine, he has been coming across children forced to leave their homes on a daily basis, at art events, in schools, on the streets. He wanted to tell the story of children who, at once, lost everything that was familiar to them: a possibility to go to school, meet with friends, take music classes, play football… And most importantly, their dear beloved home.

Constantin lives and works in Berlin with his French wife and their children, and his multicultural family uses three languages (German, Russian and French) on a daily basis.

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