Nina’s pianos. The life of Nina Simone told by her pianos

Original Title:

Les pianos de Nina. La vie de Nina Simone racontée par ses pianos


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-34-0

32 pages

24 x 32 - 17€


Before becoming Nina Simone, her name was Eunice Waymon. How did this determined little girl climb the steps to success? The pianos she played on join their voices to tell us…


The church piano is amazed: the pastor’s daughter Eunice is moving rhythmically in her crib! The piano in the family home is amused: her feet don’t reach the pedals yet, but Eunice can already play songs by ear! The piano of her music teacher is astonished by her talent, the one of the municipal library reminds us that segregation is rumbling, the one of the church with which Eunice accompanies the choir testifies to her loneliness, the one of the town hall where she gives a recital sees her demanding that her parents, who have given up their place to white people, come back to the front row… And the pianos of her high school, of the Conservatory where she fails the entrance exam, of the singing studio that employs her and of the bar where she takes the name of Nina Simone are still telling the story.

A life told like a tale, a rich documentary book that sheds light on the young years of a future legend of music and the fight against racism.


Publication – October 2022

World Spanish rights sold

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