Odysseus quest for a friend

Original Title:

Одиссей ищет друга


special projects








ISBN: 978-5-08-006225-4

32 pages

22,2 x 20,2 cm - n/a€

Odysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friend

A dog named Odysseus lives in a dog shelter and dreams of finding an owner and a friend. One dark night, Odysseus runs away from the shelter, setting off on a long journey full of adventure. What surprises will he encounter along the way and will he manage to find a new family that would adopt him?

Author and illustrator Lena Repetur was inspired by her own dog who made an incredible journey to find his home.



In 2020, the illustrations from Odysseus’ Quest for a Friend were selected for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.
The book also won the Image of the Book contest the same year and has been previously shortlisted for the exhibition of the International Festival of Book Illustration and Visual Literature “Морс” (Berrywaterfest).
In 2021, Odysseus was selected as one of the best children’s books of the year by the International Non-fiction Book Fair in Moscow.

In June 2021, Odysseus was selected for 100 Outstanding Picture Books by dPictus. 


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