Odysseus quest for a friend

Original Title:

Одиссей ищет друга


special projects








ISBN: 978-5-08-006225-4

32 pages

22,2 x 20,2 cm - n/a€

Odysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friendOdysseus quest for a friend

A dog called Odysseus lives in a dog shelter and dreams of a master and a friend. One dark night, Odysseus escapes and sets off for a long adventure. What are surprises life has in stock for Odysseus and will he manage to find a soulmate?

Author and illustrator Lena Repetur was inspired by her own dog who made an incredible journey to find his home.


In 2020, illustrations from Odysseus’ quest for a friend were among the winners of the Illustrators Exhibition by Bologna Children’s Book Fair. The book also won Image of the book contest in the same year and was top-listed by Berrywaterfest (festival of book illustration and visual literature). In 2021, Odysseus was in the selection of the best children’s books by Non-Fiction book fair in Moscow.


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