Partout at the end of the world

Original Title:

Partout au bout du monde










ISBN: 979-10-93266-57-2

40 pages

21 x 29 - 16€

Partout au bout du mondePartout au bout du mondePartout au bout du monde

NB: non-final cover


Partout, the toucan feels cramped on his island. He dreams to set sail. One morning, he decides to set off on his driftwood boat, equipped with his two oars. Destination: the end of the world! But his adventure won’t be a lonely one, because along the way, Partout meets animals from all over the world. Fascinated by the toucan’s project, his new friends also embark, each guided by their own reasons. Little by little, disorder sets in, and the ship slows down… Will the eclectic crew manage to pull together and glide in unison?


Key words: rowing, crossing, animals


Strong points:

– A beautiful invitation to travel, reminding us of the richness of new beginnings.
– A bold and successful blend of techniques for modern illustrations that are both soft and graphic.
– A marine adventure to understand the importance of team spirit and living together


Awards and selections:

⭐Shortlisted for Bologna Illustrators Exhibition 2024 (Finalists List)


Publication: April 2024

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