Sight stories

Original Title:

Une histoire de regards


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-28-0

94 pages

17 x 18 cm - 17,90€


A picture book about the sight: the one we put on the small and big things in life, the one that reveals, the one that carries… On each spread, a question, always the same: what are the characters looking at? Readers must observe the details of the image and find clues. Then, by lifting a flap or turning the page, they discover the counter-field, the object or the scene looked at, accompanied by a sentence which describes and reveals, with accuracy and a lot of humor, the point of view of the characters. And as the pages go by, the story of a little piece of life takes shape, where a child’s view gradually becomes that of an adult. And in which the readers, children or adults, will be able to recognize their past, laugh at their present or project themselves in their future. A picture book full of humor and tenderness that can be offered from birth and reread when older to grasp all its subtleties. A picture book to accompany a life.

The book contains five flaps




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