Something is bugging Mom

Original Title:

Le Petit Cafard de Maman


L’Étagère du bas








ISBN: 978-2-490253-31-9

32 pages

20 x 20 - 11€

Something is bugging MomSomething is bugging MomSomething is bugging Mom

« Be nice! Mom has a little thing that’s bugging her! » : Dad’s words echo in the little boy’s head. He wonders why Mom is sad.  He asks everyone around him, and everyone has his own vision of a bug. No description seems to really match. Eventually, he comes up with a solution : fight the bug! The « secret mission » mode is now on, and the little boy turns into a brave knight, ready to face the terrible insect!

Key words: imagination, family, parental breakdown, cat, terms

Strong points:

-An uncommon topic in children literature: parental burnout, through child ‘eyes.

-With sensitivity and humor, the author materializes the imagination of a child who needs answers.

-The drawings are poetic, round, and soft: a perfect way to balance the gravity of the topic.

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