Sport that changes us

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Спорт меняет нас: увлекательные истории Олимпийских Игр


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This modern encyclopedia containing 24 chapters will tell you about the most spectacular and new Olympic kinds of sports. Why doesn’t a track bike have brakes? Who invented surfing? How old is skateboarding? How much faster are clap skates? Is it possible to win an Olympics medal at the age of 60? The encyclopedia is written by a trio of sports journalists and contains vivid illustrations, short articles about the history of sports, anecdotes about athletes and short comic strips with practical advice to kids that can be easily followed. For this purpose, we invented two characters – a boy and a girl of the same age as the reader. They try to follow the advice of the authors and, of course, laugh a lot and make fun of each other. Sports means people, and we will tell different stories about them: the stories of hard training, challenges and triumphs.

authors: Timur Ganeyev, Alexander Polivanov, Pavel Kopachev

illustrators: by Alisa Yufa, Alexandra Khalbayeva, Anna Belova




Publisher – Bookcase Publishing

all other rights available (except Russian)

Final PDF files – April 2021

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