The Cat and the Horse

Original Title:

Кот и лошадь


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ISBN: 979-1093266305

32 pages

21 x 21 - €

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The Cat and the Horse met at the very beginning of the year. Now they are inseparable – true friendship keeps them warm even in the coldest of seasons. With joy and sadness, they watch the months fly by. In December, the Cat and the Horse pack a great canvas sack and set off together into the new year. But what marvelous secrets does the sack contain? Water lilies, or some hay from a haystack? The last autumn leaves, or the first snowflakes? Or perhaps they were able to fit in the whole bygone year? The characters of the Cat and the Horse were created by illustrator Ekaterina Bauman long before the emergence of this poetic story. This story will help children discover the beauty and singularity of the seasons – and, indeed, of every single moment in life – and show them the value of true friendship.


Publisher – Young mom publishing

Original text in Russian, full rough English translation available

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