Surprise in the park

Original Title:

Au le parc il y a...


Belin Jeunesse








ISBN: 978-2410012569

40 pages

17 x 24 cm - 13,90€

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Today we are going to spend the entire day in the park! Where will we wander? Let’s take a look at the map and choose our path and then it’s off we go! From the playground to the picnic area, from the gardener’s shed to the bandstand, with a detour through the vast greenhouses or the petting zoo, this book contains 14 locations and clearly identifies all of the activities, people and treasures that you might find in a park: an apple tree, a watering can, a swing, a ham sandwich, fish, ping-pong players… With her poetic, original and precise illustrations, Marta Ozel offers us all sorts of little gems: wishing on a dandelion, counting ducklings in the pond, petting the gardener’s cat and heading back home on dad’s shoulders. What a beautiful day! And what if we invented another, even better one tomorrow?


Spanish, Catalan & world English rights sold

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