Tentacles. Small catalogue of cephalopods

Original Title:

Tentacoli. Piccolo catalogo di polpi, seppie e calamari










ISBN: 979-12-5958-133-4

112 pages

15 x 19 cm - 19,90€





As soon as we see one, we can all easily recognise an octopus by the eight arms directly attached to the head: this is the main characteristic of the class of molluscs to which these animals belong, the cephalopods, which in Greek means ‘with feet attached to the head’.

Octopuses, cuttlefish and squids are masters of survival, and the most skilful transformers in the oceans: versatile, resourceful and undoubtedly intelligent animals that know how to solve problems and use objects, but also escape from aquaria, recognise people and feel dislike. Some species, such as the orchid cuttlefish, are among the most colourful organisms in the oceans, while others, such as the blue-ringed octopus, are famous for their lethal bite. The world’s largest invertebrates are also cephalopods: giant squids the size of a bus, but about which we still know very little.

In this book you will find 30 species recounted in their most surprising habits and abilities, but also described in their main scientific characteristics, for a double reading plan: an initial part with a fluent and fascinating narration to delve into the secrets of this world, and a practical concluding section, a veritable catalogue of specimen cards, for easy and immediate consultation.

Today we can begin to tell the story of these animals thanks to the work of scientists over the centuries, but there is still much to be discovered: octopuses, cuttlefish and squids, after all, are invertebrates that force us to reflect on the way we relate to the planet; their unexpected cognitive capacities suggest that it is not only mammals and birds that produce sophisticated behaviour somewhat similar to ours.



– Cross sectional audience: children (10+) and adults

– People looking for special and arty books

– Animals/sea lovers and curious observers

– Passionate of science and discovery


Key selling points:

– preface by Craig Foster (naturalist and filmmaker, author of My Octopus Teacher (Netflix))

– scientific facts on 30 species included

– design illustrations that are both informative and realistic

– interesting topic: cephalopds are a species about which little is yet known

– a nice design object, perfect also to be a gift

– first title in a new series


Rights sold: world English language

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