That’s Holiday! Legends and Tales from around the World

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Вот это праздник! Сказки и легенды со всего света


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ISBN: 978-5-17-110905-9

80 pages

33,8 x 24,8 - n/a€


In every corner of the Earth, people love to party and to celebrate: they have fun on the New Year’s Eve, race on dragon boats and camels, wrap Christmas gifts and light up lanterns to honor their ancestors. On the pages of this book you will find not only the most colorful and unusual celebration traditions from every corner of the world, but also fables and legends explaining where they come from.

Readers will learn about Venetian Carnival, Eastern Slavic Maslenitsa, the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, Jewish Hanukkah, Croatian Busojaras, the Spanish Festival of Human Towers, the Mexican Day of the Dead, Japanese Hanami, etc. Readers are introduced to the symbols of these holidays, their history, ways to celebrate and many more!



Publisher – AST Publishers

Sub-agents: Rightol Agency (Asia), Marilena Iovu Lit. Agency (Romania), Anthea Agency (Bulgaria), Agata Radkiewicz Agency (eastern european languages, Greek, Latvian & Lithuanian). Please contact us for all other languages.



English extract available; Simplified Chinese language rights sold

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