The Blue of the Sky

Original Title:

Le Bleu du Ciel










ISBN: 979-10-93266-52-7

40 pages

22 x 28 - 16€

The Blue of the SkyThe Blue of the SkyThe Blue of the Sky



Why is the sky blue? This is the eternal question that Céleste has decided to address to the one concerned! And the sky answers her gracefully when she asks about the reason he exists.

The little girl continues her reflection by also asking the sun, the tree, the sea, the wind and the night. After she has spoken with all the natural elements that arouse her curiosity, there is still a mystery to be solved: what is her own place in the vast world?


Key points

– A text full of gentleness and poetry that helps the little reader to perceive his place in the universe.

– Metaphorical answers to the questions that children ask about natural elements.

– A curious and determined heroine with whom readers can identify.

– Colourful, dreamlike illustrations


Rights sold: Korean language


Awards / selections:

⭐ 2021 ~ Teresa Arroyo Corcobado was among the finalists at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition.

⭐ 2023 Bleu du ciel selected for 100 outstanding picture books by dPictus


Select reviews: 

⭐ Texte et images coopèrent pour chanter la nature et entraîner le lecteur dans la respiration du monde. <…> Écrit et construit comme un poème lyrique, cet album séduit par son dynamisme et son souffle.

– Danielle Bertrand (Institut suisse Jeunesse et Médias)


Maylis Daufresne (author)

Born in Senegal, Maylis studied literature at the University of Sorbonne, before becoming a bookseller in Paris, Toulouse and Brussels. She now devotes herself to writing and has published a dozen of picture books. Back in France, she recently settled in Toulon. This is the second time she collaborates with her accomplice Teresa Arroyo Corcobado.


Teresa Arroyo Corcobado (illustrator)

Born in sunny Spain, Teresa shares her life between Seville and Belgium. This true European developed her graphic work from Madrid to the fine arts in Edinburgh, Granada and Brussels. Her illustrations combine several mediums and techniques, both traditional and digital, creating expressive and colourful images, rich in texture and clean forms.


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