The Book of Cold, Ice and Snow

Original Title:

Книга холода, снега и льда


Walk Through History








ISBN: 978-5-905474-91-0

56 pages

33,8 х 24,8 - n/a €

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This book is a collection of the most interesting and unusual facts, exciting stories, myths and legends in connection with winter, snow and cold – organised in alphabetical order. Everything that we love about winter and everything that strikes our imagination, from secrets of nature and dangerous expeditions of the past to scientific discoveries, fairy tales and everyday objects like… an ice-cream! Vivid and colourful illustrations create a special magical atmosphere. The readers will learn about the Arctic, Snow, Christmas, Amundsen, Ragnarok, Biathlon, Igloo and about dozens of other things related to winter, cold and snow… sometimes in a quite unexpected manner!


Sample text available in English

Selected for the DRAWN WORLDS – 1001 Outstanding International Books exhibition in Moscow, 2019 (by Bologna book fair)

Simplified Chinese language rights sold

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