The great escape

Original Title:

La belle échapée


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-16-7

32 pages

20 х 25 cm - 13,50€

La belle échappéeLa belle échappéeLa belle échappée


While Alice meets a cute little wildcat, it’s bedtime already, unfortunately. Accompanied by the forest animals, the kitten will help Alice escape from her room to help her unlock the mysteries of the night. She then climbs trees with the squirrel, tumbles down the embankments tailing the wolf, kisses the moon and, above all, breathes the night atmosphere. Then it’s the kitten’s turn to glimpse Alice’s universe, to be cuddled, carried from arm to arm, until the evening when both of them finally go to bed, filled with new sensations that feed their dreams. The cute kitten decides to reverse roles and take the child back home. Maylis Daufresne accompanies the children while they fearlessly explore the night and is delighted to unveil the secrets of the night.

A cheerful and mysterious album, where Magali Dulain’s colorful universe illuminates the shadows; the reader joyfully embraces the unknown. To be read outdoors during a starry night.



Danish language rights sold

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