The night of colors

Original Title:

La nuit des couleurs


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-36-4

32 pages

24 x 30 - 17€

La nuit des couleursLa nuit des couleursLa nuit des couleurs


A political tale, this picture book takes us into a dictatorial universe where colors are one day banned. An album about politics and freedom, and why elephants have turned gray and unicorns transparent!

Wilbur III likes order and discipline. Since he came to power, he’s banned the big market, had all the crooked houses razed to the ground, had trees cut down and ordered everyone to speak the same language… His latest idea is to eliminate the colors from the animals and the whole city: everything must be gray. So all the animals are repainted gray.

Offenders are arrested, and melancholy quickly takes hold of the inhabitants. However, one day, a young painter’s cat puts its paws in paint pots and, roaming the town, makes the inhabitants rediscover color. Their determination will force the king to restore color to life, and force him to stop ruling alone.


Key points:

-A theme that resonates with current affairs, allowing us to tackle complex issues from a child’s point of view

-Illustrations by award-winning illustrator Romain Lubière



politics, dictatorship, freedom, solidarity, resistance, democracy, diversity, animals



Prix d’Honneur Hibou Farceur

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