The souls of Chanteperdrix

Original Title:

Les âmes de Chanteperdrix


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-40-1

128 pages

16 x 20 - 16,50€

Les âmes de ChanteperdrixLes âmes de ChanteperdrixLes âmes de Chanteperdrix


This fantasy novel presents, via an alternating narration, an adventure mixing the living and the ghosts, offering a comforting vision of the afterlife. In the tradition of the Grand Jardin picture books, a beautiful object (with 4 illustrated cards) with a high literary standard.

Josephine and her father move into Chanteperdrix. However, the old house is not entirely uninhabited. Édouard, a fifteen-year-old boy who died a hundred years ago, haunts the attic, where he is often joined by his friend Asphodèle, a tawny owl who can communicate with both the living and ghosts.

Joséphine, no doubt as a result of her mother’s death, discovers a special sensitivity to this invisible world and is able to communicate with Asphodèle, Édouard and other souls. They are all looking for Albert, Édouard’s younger brother, but evil souls are also lurking nearby…

A beautiful story of bonding, mutual aid and courage, which takes a comforting look at the afterlife.


Marie Tibi (author)

Born in 1959, Marie grew up in the Nord region of France and has been living in Provence since 1977. She learned to write with a pen and to read with Prévert’s poems, and in 2012 a fairy godmother gave her the magic wand that opened the doors to children’s literature.

Her stories reflect the expression of her natural fantasy and optimism, and it’s with great pleasure that she shares her passion with young readers, when she travels to school gatherings or literary fairs with the idea that she is helping to give them a taste for words, the imagination and the discovery of the world around them.

Marie has published over fifty picture books with various publishing houses, including Casterman and Gautier-Langureau, and several of her books have won awards.


Rebecca Romeo (illustrator)

Rebecca Romeo was born in 1986 in the Paris region and graduated from LISAA Paris.

As a child, she was fascinated by animals, which today populate the forests she loves to draw. She cultivates a dreamlike, colorful universe of lush vegetation, in which textural interplay and a sense of detail come together. Her preferred techniques are gouache and watercolor, as well as the graphic tablet.

She draws her inspiration from artists such as Le Douanier Rousseau, Jérôme Bosch… Occasionally exhibited in Paris and Brussels at Huberty & Breyne Gallery, she has also worked for INC Architecture & Design, and currently for Mila Éditions and La Librairie des écoles.


Technical specifications: contains flaps that can be cut and turned into 4 cards


Publication: January 2024

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