Towers of the world

Original Title:

Tours du monde










ISBN: 979-10-93266-31-2

56 pages

19 x 36 - 16€


Who are these giants standing in the city? Lighthouses for orientation in the night? Clocks to mark time? Antennas for our telecommunications? Housing for city inhabitants? Whatever their function, towers dominate our cities, offering us an unobstructed view of the world around us. Since ancient times, they have risen higher and higher. Their monumental dimensions bear witness to man’s genius as a builder and to the influence of human cultures.

A non-fiction album to discover these exceptional monuments, visible and singular, which reveal architectural achievements, technological challenges and ecological issues.


An illustrated non-fiction book presenting famous towers from all over the globe. A selection of 20 emblematic towers from the world’s architectural heritage, introduced chronologically. Each spread features a page of text with small illustrations on one side, and a big full-page illustration of a tower on the opposite side.

– An original, high format, in the shape of a tower.

– A non-fiction to learn all about these towers, chosen from among the most significant ones in terms of their history, function, special features, anecdotes and records: the tallest, the greenest, the thinnest etc.

A beautiful non-fiction book to celebrate 10-years anniversary of éditions Cépages!


Publication: Fall 2024

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