Up in the blue. From the surface to the stratosphere: a browsable flying journey

Original Title:

Giù nel blu. Dalla superficie agli abissi: viaggio sottomarino sfogliabile










ISBN: 979-12-5958-005-4

80 pages

22 x 29 cm - 22,90€

up in the blueup in the blueup in the blue


A flying experience in a book: just put on your imagination’s wings, and keep magnifying glass of science in your backpacks!

From the troposphere – which we humans share with animals, plants, fungi and bacteria – to the universe: what is there in the gaseous environment above us?

A varied and amazing world of organisms equipped with wings, sails, parachutes and many other structures to keep them suspended in the blue. Impetuous winds, floating clouds, a constellation of animals and plants and, above all, many, many surprises.

After the great success of Down in the blue, Gianumberto Accinelli and Giulia Zaffaroni tell here the stories of these living beings and how they managed to get close to that universe made of stars and galaxies, with an incredible diameter of 13.7 billion light years.

A book to be leafed through vertically (from the bottom to the top!) in order to go upwards, higher and higher, orienting yourself – uniquely thanks to the altimetric scale shown on each page – among white storks and dandelion seeds, among cumulunembi and Florentine steaks. A journey to discover everything from our feet to space, with the wings of imagination and the magnifying glass of science in the backpack.


Rights sold: German, Czech, Korean

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