Sorceress and Blackat

Original Title:

Sorcière et Chanoir


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-31-0

44 pages

20,5 x 26 - 14,50€

Sorciere et chanoir_coverSorciere et chanoirSorciere et chanoir

Sorceress lives alone in the forest. She spends her days gathering plants for her herbal teas and contemplating nature. When she meets Blackat, who is sad and abandoned because of the colour of his coat, she decides to help him find a place where he can belong. After a good cup of tea, the two new friends set off for an adventure. Through encounters and twists, accompanied by a few refreshing teas, they will discover together that appearances are often deceptive and that it is good to embrace the unknown!

Do sorceress always have to be evil? Do black cats really bring bad luck? And are they really afraid of water, as we think? By describing characters who are the opposite of their reputation, Marina Philippart offers a story full of tenderness that makes us think about prejudices and superstitions, where magic takes on a poetic quality and where we learn that no matter what others think, there is always a place where we belong.


Publication – November 2022

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