The Grrr celebrate Christmas

Original Title:

Les Grrr fêtent Noël


Le Diplodocus








ISBN: 979-10-94908-38-9

40 pages

20 x 23 cm - 13,90€

Les Grrr fetent noelLes Grrr fetent noelLes Grrr fetent noel


They’re grumpier than ever, and they’re back to celebrate Christmas with their family. As usual, it’s going to be no easy feast: between the journey, the night in the dormitory and the sharing of chores, the Grrr’s aren’t going to be shy about complaining. But an extraordinary event is about to shake up their grumpy habits: Santa Claus has decided to go on strike. Carried along by Agathe Moreau’s dynamic, expressive line, Clémence Sabbagh’s ever-funny characters humorously caricature our bad moods when faced with the little hassles of family celebrations. A mischievous Christmas tale that reminds us to look on the bright side of life!


Publication: November 2023


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