Thread after Thread

Original Title:

Fil après fil


Le Grand Jardin








ISBN: 979-10-96688-39-5

32 pages

24x30 cm - 16,50 €

Thread After ThreadThread After ThreadThread After Thread

Themes: life / relationships / friendships / trials / death / love / parental bond


A new edition (open to all parenthoods) of a picture book that surprises, moves and seduces almost all parents (of small or large children). A book about life, the bonds that are formed, broken, and above all those that unconditionally unite a parent with his or her child.


« At the beginning, there was a cord between you and me. Then you were born and we had to cut this cord. Instead appeared a link that we have built together, thread after thread. You will build threads throughout all your life ».

This is how this beautiful illustrated text begins and takes us on the path of human relations: different links that form and break since our birth, with the others and with the world, according to the meetings and the storms; those that warm up the heart or those that are fragile, those that we offer and finally those that, no matter how far we are, will never break because they are built with the strongest feeling: love that links a parent with his child.


Olympe Perrier (Toulouse)

Self-taught author and illustrator with a passion for children’s literature. Olympe put her professional life on hold to devote herself entirely to children’s literature. Since then, her talent has enabled her to be published as an author by Magnard, La Pimpante and as an illustrator by Éditions de l’Initiale or Petit Label as well as in the press.


Thanh Portal (Vendée)

A talented illustrator whose work is much appreciated by the general public, she works for Didier jeunesse, Nathan and many other renowned publishers. She has also illustrated for Le Grand Jardin: Correspondances, L’arbre m’a dit. Thanh Portal loves books. So, she has done everything. She caressed them in the direction of the weft, dissected them, advised them, fiddled with them, read them, reread them, sold them, made them, before plunging into the colours. Since then, every morning, she dips a little cyan in her coffee and it suits her…

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