All about bears

Original Title:

Tout sur l'ours et le reste


Le Pommier








ISBN: 978-2-7465-1273-3

64 pages

23 x 28,5 cm - 18€

 TOUT SUR_L'OURS couv174651120_TOUT SUR ours_INT_bd 2


In the bear family, there are brown bears, white bears, black bears, and black-and-white bears. Bears come in many colors. But is color the only thing that differentiates them?

This is the story of the Ursidae. In France, around forty brown bears live in the Pyrenees. But there are also bears living on the Arctic ice pack, high up in the forests of the Andes, in the Indian jungle and in the bamboo forests of southern China. Where do bears come from? Do you know that panda bears have two extra fingers to helps them gather bamboo stems? This illustrated nonfiction book will teach you all about bears, with plenty of laughs along the way.


Polish, Russian and Arabic language rights sold

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